Sleepers vs Supercars Drag Race Battle 1

Crazy things have happened in the year that has just passed and before we officially start the new one with style, it is high time to take a look at some of the best moments. Many great races and battle have taken place throughout the world, but it seems that nothing can get better than the one in which absolutely powerful and mighty sleepers go up against some of the most modern supercars. You will be utterly impressed once you see how well these cars actually perform and how fast they really are.

Sleepers vs Supercars Drag Race Battle 11

First of all we take a look at the drag race between a really old Volvo Amazon and the mighty Ferrari 458 Challenge. Both of the cars are off to a furious and mighty start and the crowd seems to be having some great time.

In the next clip we take a look at a street rolling start race between the Honda Civic EG9 B18 Turbo and the Ferrari 550 Maranello. The Civic, surprisingly enough, manages to grab the win all thanks to that super cool turbo.

The best part about it is the fact that we get the chance to take a look at footage from both of the cars. The mighty sleepers in this video just keep on coming and coming and going through each and every one of those races is the perfect way to start this New Year.

Now you know why sleepers are usually regarded as the outcast of the racing world!