Wet Surface Skills Japanese Police Bikes 1

Police officers all around the world are in charge of keeping us citizens safe and in piece. It is their responsibility to serve to the people and the ones in need. Thus, they must be highly skilled and mentally prepared for those kinds of tasks. When it comes to skills, they must be excellent drivers, which includes controlling police bikes as well as cars!

Wet Surface Skills Japanese Police Bikes 2

However, police officers in Japan go through tough tests and trainings to prove that they are skilled enough to wear that badge! They go on road and ride bikes on heavy weather conditions and wet roads.

They have to make sudden turns and feel no fear of sudden fall or even sliding off their police bikes! While their doing their tests, they are being supervised by a team of professionals who decide whether a policeman did well or not!

Police officers of Japan go through tough test at high speed, but we must inform you that special wet surface tires are being used for this. Not that they make the task any less tough or decreases their skills. Also, the test is neither easy nor is the track short. They cover quite a long surface risking their health over and over again!

They have to maintain a two-minute-long ride and make no errors at all! The police officer from the video seems to be the right man for the job! Anyway, take a look for yourselves and see what we are talking about! Check it out!

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