BMW M760Li vs BMW M3 - Head 2 Head 1

Car industry as well as technology are basing their products on two things: safety being the first one and speed coming in second. The German automaker has been producing real beast over the years, but the BMW M760Li seems to be the one everyone wants to put their hands on. The one mentioned has been awarded with many prices, one of them being the fastest accelerating BMW automobile ever.

BMW M760Li vs BMW M3 Competition 2

However, this remained a theory as there were no real factors to prove it. That’s why these guys put head to head the mighty BMW M760Li versus the one and only BMW M3! They started this competition in order to see whether this was true or not. They competed in many categories, the first one being the standing start!

However, the M760Li is packed by a 609 horsepower 6.6 L V12 Twin Turbo engine and left the 450 horsepower 3 L Twin Turbo engine BMW M3 in the rear! The BMW M760 Li needed 11.3 seconds to cover the whole distance whereas the BWM M3 needed a bit more – 12.3!

It now became clear that this is the fastest accelerating and the fastest in general BMW automobile ever to be produced. Furthermore, many other test were conducted. The same one but at a different speed.

It was 50 miles per hour and still, the M760Li BMW turned out to be faster. So, is it true? Might this be the fastest BMW ever to be produced by the German automaker? Find out here!

Finally, take a look at this beautiful M760Li gallery!