Why Horsepower Torque Always Meet At 5252 RPM 1

There are many crazy things that you can see on the internet, but the most interesting ones to us seem to be the ones where we learn something new and exciting about cars. If you have been around vehicles for a long time now, then you have probably noticed something really strange. Whenever a car is tested on the dyno, the horsepower and the torque always meet at exactly 5,252 HP, but why this happens? Well, in this video you take a look at a detailed explanation, showing us some of the crucial things that we need to know.

Why Horsepower Torque Always Meet At 5252 RPM 2

The video is made by one of our favorite YouTube Channels, Engineering Explained. In order for you to more easily understand what is actually going on, we are going to take a look at three equations.

First of all we see what those equations really mean and how we can use them to easily understand this detailed explanation. Then it is time to combine all of them together and things are going to get much clearer to you.

Even though many of you might not have noticed this strange thing so far, it is still awesome to see just why. With the help of the first equation we can see just exactly why we get the number 5,252.

We are all most certain that the next time you go to the dyno that you are going to look for that meet of the horsepower and the torque at exactly 5,252 RPM!