stunts in front of girl

You still have problems getting noticed by beautiful girls? That would be a perfect question for some men magazine, but hey, we also know some tricks that can help you, an idea make your dreams come true. But, first you will need to get a motorcycle and for a long period of time, you should not separate from it. So, that is our key for heaven and now it is time to show its functionality in action.

Say welcome to one more driver with insane skills, who is doing some awesome stuff and crazy tricks on his motorcycle, in order to impress the girl next to him. He starts the performance with several wheelie circles around er, which were sufficient reason to make her start smiling at him.  Then, he drives the vehicle straight towards her, but of course not to hurt her, but to make her smile even more by stopping right in front of her face. Cute isn’t it?! But that’s not all. The final step to her heart was the next wheelie circles performance that was made closer to her, enough to make her jump on the motorcycle and continue the rest of the day with the driver!