Unusual Bike System By Hannah Customs in Action 1

If you though that only cars, trucks and planes have advanced by a lot in this past couple of years, you are very wrong. Namely, people also come up with amazing ways to improve the look and the style of their bicycles, but if one can top them all, it is this one built by Hannah Customs. None of us would expect to see a bicycle built with so much attention to details and style. However, the guys from there decided to make this a reality and manufacture this red prototype bicycle.
Unusual Bike System By Hannah Customs in Action 2







Even though we do not get the chance to see how the whole bicycle looks, from what it can be seen, there is a big resemblance to a big chopper, with a one big difference. There is no engine or fuel tank to power everything up!

There is a chain and pair of pedals that help you ride your bicycle with style and class. It moves with pure elegance. The wheel at the back is massive, thus we can say that actually riding this bicycle by Hannah Customs will be a no easy task.

The paint job of the red frame is also worth giving a credit for. In fact, it has two chains that help the rear wheel to move due to its massive size.

Even though we do not see the bicycle in action and on the road, we must say that we are pretty impressed by the way it was built!