This Is How A Landing in Greenland Looks Like 1

There are days when we simply must come across a video in order to make our day much better whenever we are feeling blue. It is exactly because of those videos that we learn and know so much about various parts of the world. Not many of us actually had the chance to go to Greenland, mainly because we probably could not withstand the cold. However, this Greenland landing on a remote runway might change the way you look at this gorgeous piece of land.

This Is How A Landing in Greenland Looks Like 2

Namely, there are some things that we do just for pleasure and there are some things that we simply enjoy taking a look at, without actually doing anything. This video surely is one of formerly mentioned. These guys are about to land a plane in the middle of this gorgeous terrain and scenery and they decided to capture everything on camera and share with the world.

There are just some lights from some houses down by the sea which carve in the way for this plane. However, the most frightening experience about it is actually the fact that even the slightest of mistake during this Greenland landing might cause a great catastrophe hence the runway is too short.

You must stay extremely focused during the whole process and the great scenery is surely going to help you in achieving that. We even take a glance at the small port that is located just couple of miles away from the runway.

What an amazing experience!