The Easiest Way To Remove A Wheel Bearing 1

If you enjoy working around your car and you like fixing things on your own, then you must be familiar with the difficulties that you can come across while removing the wheel bearing. Yes, it might seem like an easy task but it surely is not, and that one bolt just might cause you great headaches. However, this guy came up with the best way to do it and you are going to be impressed just by how easy it really is to remove a wheel bearing. The only that you are going to need is an automatic chisel. Yes, that is it!

The Easiest Way To Remove A Wheel Bearing 2

All you are going to have to do now is to place the flat-head chisel at a slight angle directly at the wheel bearing and power it up. Make sure you hold it tight hence you might injure yourself or damage the part.

Even the rustiest piece of metal is going to be a no match for this technique. In just matter of seconds the two metal pieces are going to be separated and you will no longer have problems of removing even the tightest wheel bearing.

If you want to make your job even easier, you can soak the metal in some liquid wrench and you are ready to go. You do not even have to heat the metal up before using the automatic chisel.

The vibrations by it are massive, which is basically what the whole technique is based on. How easy that was!