This Angry Driver Sums Up The Parking Lot Problem 1

It seems like drivers nowadays are facing with a lot of problems when it comes to parking lots, usually when they go to their nearest mall, or cinema. One thing is for sure, the parking lots are huge and there are a lot a free parking spot, all you have to do is to go for them no matter how far away they are.  Yes, indeed you have to walk a bit more than usual, but you do not have to worry about other people parking next to you, right? Well, this angry driver surely did experience something that really made him go crazy.

This Angry Driver Sums Up The Parking Lot Problem 11

Yes, he made this awesome video which sums up why you should never do this to anyone. Namely, as it can be seen from the video, the parking lot is indeed huge and you can park your car wherever you want.

However, the driver in the black jeep had something else in mind. Namely, instead of taking his car a bit further away, he decided to park right next to him, which is what caused this angry driver to go absolutely crazy, but with a reason.

Nobody would want to see some scratches on his car by some relentless drivers who simply do not care about their own cars, let alone, someone else’s car.

Nonetheless, this video surely proved us why we should never do it, but he did it in the most hilarious way that he could have thought off!