NHRA Pro Mod Converter Explained 1

If you are interested into taking a look at the latest piece of technology and some of the amazing inventions that have taken place just recently, you are at the right place. Some of the amazing breakthroughs that have happened recently are just a proof of how the world of speed and racing can get only better. This statement is even furthermore reinforced by the NHRA Pro Mod clutch, which is in fact a torque converter. Some of the features that this mod has are briefly explained in this video.

NHRA Pro Mod Converter Explained 2

Even though it might seem like an ordinary thing nowadays, several decade ago engineers tackled a major problem when it comes to pro racing was how to hook up the power from the crank shaft to the rear axle. However, all of that came to an end when the torque converter first appeared.

This small little car part is all that is required to overcome that problem. Brian Lohnes takes us through every detail that we need to know about it. He is one of the NHRA Pro Mod announcers and knows his job perfectly. It took him just a minute or so until all of the information that was required was announced.

We even get the chance to take a look inside one of the racing cars that are there, which is something pretty rare. It really does look amazing.

What do you think, what would have happened if there was not for the torque converter?