Salesman Made An Ultimate Mistake At The CAR RENTAL Serving This Man 1

Whenever you come across a stranger in the shop, at the mechanics or just about anywhere, you never know who that person might be so you must be aware of what you are saying. This is exactly the mistake that this young man made at the car rental. Namely, this guy had just arrived to South Florida so he wanted to rent a vehicle from Enterprise as soon as he landed. However, little did he know that the man who was in charge of renting his the car is going to say couple of things that he should not have.

Salesman Made An Ultimate Mistake At The CAR RENTAL Serving This Man 2

Namely, the young man working at the car rental assumed that the man was a Democrat, based on the color of his skin, so he said couples of words about the election win the Jones achieved in Alabama. To play it safe, the man had just nodded his head and said that it was a tight one but eventually it was worth it.

Then, the real verbal fight took place and it was time for that young man from the car rental to learn couple of things. Namely, he said that this was a crucial step in supposedly pushing out the President from his office and even added the sexual assault allegations.

To solve this problem the calm way, the man made a comparison between a previous President and his situation, just so he could prove that nothing will actually happen.

They discussed even more but this is surely a proof that you should not talk everything on front of strangers!