This Guy Buys A Walmart To House His Massive Car Collection 2

No one associates Walmart with quality car parts. Of course, you can buy coolant and headlight bulbs there for cheap, however, this store is definitely not frequented for its high quality automotive selection. One very passionate gearhead tends to change that though, at least in Florida. Apparently, this passionate gearhead bought an entire old Walmart in order to house his massive car collection there.

This Guy Buys A Walmart To House His Massive Car Collection 1

He decided to store his massive car collection consisted of over 200 vehicles and showcase them there for the public to see. You can see all of the cars in the video below all housed in this odd choice when it comes to car storage facilities. The avid gearhead we are talking about goes by the name of Rick Treworgy.

This avid car enthusiast had a car passion from a young age, constantly playing with car toys. This enthusiasm was transformed into a hardcore passion since the age of 16, just when he was old enough to drive. At this moment, Treworgy’s interest was only in old cars. The reason for this was that he could only afford old cars.

This is when Treworgy started creating his massive car collection. At a young age, he began purchasing, selling and restoring old vehicles in order to maintain his passion alive. Since then, Treworgy has collected around 225 vehicles for his collection. His collection features cars that span models from 80 different years.

His collection range from early 30s roadsters to modern sports cars. His collection which is stored in an old Walmart building features one of the biggest GM collections in the country.

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