Here Is How The European Border Police Is Dealing With Ruthless Drivers 1

We live in a world where many things are wrong and there are people who simply do not care about anything and they do things the way that they want. This eventually ends up with people breaking the law and being involved in some big trouble. However, the one group of people that you would not want to play games with is the border police. They are the ones that will stop you from doing anything illegal and this video shows us just how effective and productive their methods really are.

Border Police Ruthless Drivers 2

Thus, we take a look at this short video in which an Audi driver learnt this lesson the hard way and he would no longer get involved into any trouble at all, especially with the border police.

So what had actually happened? Well, the driver was about to cross the border but he was not expecting for a quick check up of his car. Obviously, he was carrying something illegal and was very afraid from the police so he decided to do something really wrong i.e. to get away from them.

He pushed the gas pedal to the max and in a frantic attempt to get away from them; he forgot that the police had a backup plan.

When he tried to cross a ramp, one of the border police officers threw some spikes on the road which punctured all of the four tires on the Audi, which was more than enough to stop the bad guy!

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