If you come across a car that only few people have the chance to own it, consider yourself a lucky person hence getting your hands on one is a bless. Indeed, people are in constant search of a rare piece of history and they often spend years and years before finding one. Unfortunately, some never have the chance to find one at all. However, if you are lucky enough you might come across something amazing, such as these guys. Namely, in an abandoned trailer they found this rare 1974 Pantera DeTomaso.

1974 Pantera DeTomaso Found In A Truck Trailer 2

Somewhere at a field in the middle of the nature, an old and rusted trailer was just being left out. However, it seemed like these guys knew that something crazy was inside it and they decided to open it up.

They did not regret about it and when they saw that there was a gorgeous orange 1974 Pantera DeTomaso there, they knew that they found a hidden gem. For a car that has been sitting there for many years, the condition of it was surprisingly good.

Obviously, a nice washing and a little bit of work was required, but stumbling upon this piece of metal is a glorious thing. Soon after the car was towed away using a truck and we are most certainly sure that they will take great care of it whatsoever.

This gorgeous car has been sitting there for more than 25 years but it was finally time to get it resurrected and ready to hit the streets once again!