Engine Break In Manual Transmission 1

There are many awesome and extremely useful tests and experiments that we have been through lately and all of them have taught us something in a way. This is especially true when we talk about cars and the things that we should or should not do to them. Those of you who have manual transmission cars have probably had a dilemma at least once in their lives on whether you should engine break or not. All of the answers that you need are thoroughly elaborated in this video by our favorite host from Engineering Explained.

Engine Break In Manual Transmission 2

What you probably should do and the proper way to engine break is to let your foot of the gas pedal and let the car do its work. This is going to create a vacuum between your engine and the throttle valve.

If you try to shift down through your gears fast, as a way to slow your vehicle down, you are going to cause major wear to your clutch. Once the throttle is closed, even though your engine is trying to pull some air in, it is much harder to do it, which is something that causes your car to slow down.

Moreover, in certain cases, engine break can be extremely efficient, due to the fact that your foot is not pushing the gas pedal; the car is not using any fuel at all.

Of course, if you do engine break, your brakes are going to suffer much less wear, eventually saving you some money!

At last, check out this 2008 Cummins truck with manual transmission!