5 Top Downfalls Of Being An Auto Enthusiast 2

For an auto enthusiast, cars are not just something that you use for getting you from point A to point B. For them, cars are an obsession. But being one is not always sunshine and roses. Here are the top five reasons why it’s not always fun knowing what you know about cars.

5 Top Downfalls Of Being An Auto Enthusiast 1

1.    The Number One Auto Tech Support Guy

It is completely understandable when family or friends sometimes ask the expert (you) about certain car issues since they know you have the expertise and knowledge and they don’t. 

Sometimes inquiries come from a random stranger, long-lost friend, or relative in your Facebook inbox. And it’s quite possible that you haven’t spoken to them in ages. It often happens that people start exploiting you for your skills.

2.    Not The Best Topic In A Conversation For Everyone

When you meet someone, the first topic is generally about the weather, something you heard on the news, the state of the economy, basically anything except what you really want to talk about, cars.

When you are a car enthusiast, and you’re talking to someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to talk about it in length like yourself, you generally notice their eyes glazing over and start roaming to something else more stimulating like the TV and you’ve lost the connection. You notice the strained smile, and you can hear the fake interest in their voice.

3.    Your Partner Hates It

Unless your family in the racing industry or your wife is a keen rally follower, the chances of them sharing your love for cars is less than zero. If they don’t share your passion for getting dirty and purchasing parts for your beloved asset, it can take a toll on the relationship.

Even if you’re not spending a lot of money, the time you may be investing on your hobby can push your relationship into unforgiving terrain. Not everyone gets excited about loud noises, new shiny things, and speed levels that push you back in your seat when flooring the gas.

4.    You May Attract The Opposite Kind Of Attention

Imagine you’re taking your modified Lexus with a manual gearbox and twin turbo engine out for an enjoyable cruise on the highway but instead catches the attention of fly-by drivers who aren’t car enthusiasts but have a superiority complex combined with the notion of having to prove something to you.

They often show no respect for the power their machines possess, and they don’t care about fellow drivers they are putting in danger. Generally, when you’re driving an audibly and visibly modified car the likelihood of you attracting the wrong kind of attention is high.

5.    Your Wallet Is Empty

As enjoyable as your hobby is, it and quickly turn into a money pit. No matter the effort, time, and emotion that you’re investing in your passion, car modification can be a costly affair. Think about pumping gas, safety gear, racing gas, track time and maintenance, and this is not including any repair costs in case of you having an unexpected bump in the road.