This Guy Will Show You How To Get a Bent Valve Fixed 11

You can find many comedians on You Tube explaining auto mechanical stuff. They are trolling through the entire video uttering complete nonsense on how to fix something. However, some of them are pretty fun and entertaining. One mechanic turned comedian that goes by the name of Andrey Korolyuk is no exception. He’s a guy who will teach us how to fix a bent valve.

How To Fix A Bent Valve 2

However, as we said, this guy is just trolling and this video is made for entertaining purposes. That said don’t attempt to fix a bent valve by doing this. Nevertheless, maybe we don’t need to tell you that because obviously honey mustard is no way to fix anything automotive related. In fact, it’s pretty hard to fix a bent valve maybe you are better off buying a new one.

Anyway, let’s get down to the subject at hand which is some pretty fun trolling by this comedian-mechanic. In fact, this guy begins the video pretty seriously by explaining some stuff. However, you’ll know he’s fooling around when he gets to the honey mustard and exhaust portion part.

We would just like to say that maybe it will run better by using McDonald’s Sezchuan Sauce? When he gets to that part you’ll know that this guy is not a GM hire by any means.

Nevertheless, he has more chances to be a successful comedian because he really is entertaining and funny. At the end he smashes the engine with a hammer. That said you have some entertaining demolitions going on.

Finally, this might help you to fix a leaky shut valve!