Car Production Watch 1

The modern car is a fascinating combination of millions and millions of components and all of them have to operate together in unison in order to drive you from one destination to another. When cars were first invented, they were only produced by hand and on them worked only a few engineers. In modern times, however, there are billions of cars that fill the streets around the world. That said the modern car production is completely different than in the past.

Car Production Watch 2

With the aforementioned taken into consideration, it’s just not possible for billions of technologically advanced and incredibly complex machines to be produced by hand and only by a couple of workers. That said how does a modern car production looks compared to the old days?

Although modern car production and its manufacturing techniques are way more complex and advanced than 100 years ago, one main thing still remains at the core of the process which is the assembly line. However, rather than one worker completing multiple tasks, now you have a conveyor belt used for individual stations. Here, each worker performs a task on each car as it goes past their station.

However, even though assembly lines still operate on the exact same principles made by Henry Ford 100 years ago, today’s cars benefit from many advanced technologies. For example, today you have robots which perform many simple but repetitive tasks that were done by humans in the past.

These robots are perfectly showcased in the video below and watching them do their work is very satisfying.

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