A Blast From The Past What Sets The WW2 German Helmet Apart From Others 2

World War II has been engraved deeply in many people’s hearts and minds even up to this day. And it’s certainly not because of good things. However, amidst the cold-blooded war and chaos that seemed like it would go on forever, is the invention of a certain German helmet that has made quite an impact in the past as well as in the present. What people deemed as a customary and minor thing in the past has now become a new, popular thing in the modern-day era.

A Blast From The Past What Sets The WW2 German Helmet Apart From Others 1

Well, technically speaking, this fashion trend already started in the United States right after the war. It’s unknown as to who started it, but one thing’s for sure, it was hailed as one of the best helmets in both World Wars. Presently, German motorcycle helmets are popular among many riders. And whether it’s because of the history, their unique style, or plain fashion trend, only riders themselves know.

If you want to know more about this illustrious German helmet and as to why some modern motorcyclists like wearing them, continue reading below.

How did the German motorcycle helmet come about?

If there’s one good thing that came out of World War II, it is the German military helmet, or at least according to motorcycle riders. Let’s have a quick history lesson, shall we?

Stahlhelm, as what Germans call it, was a steel military helmet developed by Germans sometime during World War I. What made it unique back in the days was due to its safety features that protected the most important parts of the brain.

Although it was created for the general use of the German Military, the battle helmet was also worn by soldiers who drove motorcycles as a means of military transportation. It was during WWII when motorcycles were first introduced.

Sometime in WWII, minor modifications were made to the German helmet to improve its durability and efficiency. From then on, it became a prominent feature of the German army throughout the war.

From Then to Now – How German helmet still exists today

In the eyes of most men, motorcycles have this unexplainable allure. This fascination with motorcycles is as strong as ever. German technology has always been topnotch when it comes to the automobile industry. Even the protective gears worn by German soldiers are still around today and many motorcycle riders in other countries like the U.S. prefer wearing them.

Following the popularity, if WWII German helmets, a diverse variety of this gear has also been developed throughout the years. And all of these have been created to use the same look and feel of the German helmet. Motorcycle helmet designers and manufacturers followed through and developed DOT certified German helmets.

What to consider when buying a German motorcycle helmet

The most common style of German helmet present today comes with a turtle shell shape that rests on the highest point of your head, ending over your eyebrow. It also comes with a button strap, which is usually cushioned. However, unlike more popular motorcycle helmet styles, the German helmet has no face cover.

Its color usually comes in dark shades or chrome. These helmets are typically made with a polycarbonate material that is extraordinarily intense and robust. Another common material can be carbon fiber, which is distinctive than the conventional material.

Size is the most integral factor to consider when choosing which helmet to buy. Thus, it is important to determine the exact measurement of your head. If you can’t do it yourself, it’s best to have an expert do the measuring. Once you’ve had the exact measurement, refer to the size chart to identify the one that fits you best.

German bike helmets don’t come with a face shield, so you may need to buy riding shades or any other type of eye protection. Regardless of what finish you pick, a German helmet will always look like a German helmet – there’s no mistaking that unparalleled look.