How An Outboard Gear Box Works- Explained 2

Today is your lucky day as this YouTuber will explain to you what exactly goes on in an outboard gear box! Most of us have been struggling with this question and it is a real sweet deal that this guy is here to make things so clear. Get comfy and pay close attention to what this guy has to say as we assure you that things will get really clear! As the first frame comes, you will se basically the area behind the propeller. This is exactly the area that most of people find difficult to understand and think it’s way to complicated.

What Exactly Goes On In An Outboard Gear Box 2

Well, is it? So, the earlier versions of an outboard gear box only had a forward gear, however, every motor made in the last 50 years goes in reverse as well. Basically, we have three pieces, the gears, the shift rod and the drive shaft. This means that the moment you start your engine, the drive shaft starts spinning! That is connected to the flywheel which is at the top of your motor. However, this is not the moment when the propeller starts spinning.

If you are following, you know that the gears are spinning all the time, as the clutch in the center is what connects forward and reverse. So, then the shift rod comes in to connect the screw and moves up and down as the motion moves the clutch forward, or if you like – backwards. Anyway, it is way clearer in the video so get below and watch it!

Finally, here is how a manual gearbox works!