Choosing the best tires for your Wrangler 2

When buying tires, it can be overwhelming as there are tons of options for your Wrangler. It takes time and research to decide what tires are going to be right for you. When buying tires, you should consider how many miles the tires will last, durability, tread pattern and comfort. These four elements will all depend on where you live, what you use your Wrangler for and how often you drive your vehicle.

Choosing the best tires for your Wrangler 1

There are several tire options but the most common tires for a Wrangler are either a mud-terrain tire or an all-terrain tire.

Mud-terrain tires are great tires if you like to take your Wrangler mudding. Typically, mud-terrain tires have a deep tread pattern making your Wrangler look aggressive. Since the tread pattern is more ‘beefy’, mud tires typically do not last longer than an all-terrain tire. They are also extremely heavy and difficult to balance.

However, they perform extremely well off-road and especially in mud. The deeper tread will help kick out dirt and debris, allowing you to maintain traction on slick rocks, deep mud and whatever else you may encounter on the trail. With that being said, mud-terrain tires are very noisy on the roadway.

If your Wrangler is a daily driver and a weekend warrior, it is something to consider as it could become very loud and may cause an annoyance when driving your Wrangler. It should be noted, if you live in a state where snow is common, mud-terrain tires could fail you snow can compact in the tread, making you lose all traction. When the snow compacts, it does not kick out as mud will and can lead to a very dangerous situation.

All-terrain tires are a good hybrid for people who use their vehicle as a daily driver and weekend warrior. All-terrain tires typically have less tread and look less aggressive but can still manage tough terrain such as rocks, mud, debris and other obstacles.

Since all-terrain tires are typically lighter and less aggressive, they are easier to balance and much quieter on the roadway.  This is important if you daily driver your Wrangler as it will be much more enjoyable to drive. All-terrain tires also wear slower and more evenly, allowing you to get the best bang for your buck.

When considering tires, it is smart to consider where you live and the environment you off-road in. If it rarely snows and there’s lots of mud, go with the mud-terrain tire. If it snows a lot and you daily drive your vehicle, go with the all-terrain tires.

There are many tires out there that vary in size, tread pattern and price. Just remember, consider the four elements when making your tire purchase.