These Gearhead Kids Are The Pride Of Their Parents 11

People often say that the love for certain things and occupations we tend to gain from our parents. Namely, if our dad is in the business of cars, we would probably get interested in it from the youngest of age. Hereby, these Gearhead kids are here to prove this theory. Namely, in this video there are number of kids who even from the youngest of age tend to help their parents in every car job. For instance, the baby in the first clip tries to unscrew a tight bolt on the wheel because his dad was not able to do it.

Motorhead Kids Compilation 2

Furthermore, we also see a young boy who is working on and taking apart an engine. The pure enjoyment and satisfaction could have been easily seen in their happy eyes. All of them find pleasure in it and who knows, one of these Gearhead kids just might become a super star in the future.

Shifting through your gears had never been more interesting before. Namely, the dad tells his kid when it is the perfect moment and where to put the shifter all by themselves. But it is not just young boys who are interested in it.

Namely, there are Gearhead kids who are also girls and they too enjoy in being around and working on cars and bikes, which can be seen in the next clip from the compilation. One thing is for sure, they all enjoy the sound of a mighty engine and the speed of a fast car!