The Major Difference Between Harley Davidson Hayabusa 1

The production of amazing and super fast cars usually takes away our attention from extremely powerful bikes. In order for us to remind ourselves what those mighty bikes are capable of, we need to take a look at this video. There is a major difference in the ways certain bikes are made and their various uses. For example, there are some of them who are specifically made for speed, whereas on the other hand, there are some who pay much attention to the other stuff, not just the speed and the power.

The Major Difference Between Harley Davidson Hayabusa 2

However, if we should draw a line and exemplify that difference into one simple video, then what you are about to see here is going to give you all the necessary answers. Namely, on the drag track we see who awesome machines, the legendary Harley Davidson and the mighty Suzuki Hayabusa.

The purposes that these two bikes were built are totally opposite and the major difference could have been seen even at the start. After warming up their engines, it was time for the race.

Just as the lights turned green, the Hayabusa launched itself on the track, thus leaving behind the Harley Davidson by a lot. The Harley simply could not have keep in touch with the mighty opponent, which is something that probably all of us had expected even way before the race.

What do you think, does this video prove anything to you and did you pay attention to the massive difference?