Jeff Lutz 1957 Chevy Race Car Bel Air 2

There are many awesome and unique classic cars that we have seen over the years. Some of them have maintained its original shine and look, whereas some have been restored to mere perfection. But, there is one category of cars i.e. modified classics that are utterly unbelievable and absolutely stunning. Coming across one of those cars at your neighborhood is very unlikely; however, visiting a car event of some sort might just give you the proper opportunity. Hereby, we take a look at Jeff Lutz’s 1957 Chevy found at such event.

Jeff Lutz 1957 Chevy Race Car Bel Air 1

One thing is for sure, even at first glance this beast looks unlike any other such Chevy that we have seen so far. The front body of the car has been totally removed, thus revealing what truly is a powerful machine.

The absolute perfection that the rear part of the car has been restored simply adds on to the effect that the car is just perfect. You can also take a look at the inside of the car and the metal cage that raises the safety on the driver. If that was not enough, it is also time to take a look at Jeff Lutz’s 1957 Chevy in action on the drag track.

It takes just a second or so until the car is launched on the runway and it seems that nothing can stop or stand on its way towards glory. What do you think, could this be the most amazing 1957 Chevy ever made?

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