Could This Be The Most Ridiculous Car Experiment Ever 11

People these days seem to do all sorts of experiments and they put to the test of the most ridiculous ideas and dilemmas to the test. Yes, no matter how crazy or how pointless one theory might sound, there will always be that one guy who will do it anyways. Hereby, we take a look at this video in which we see what and how what could be the craziest car experiment might look. But wait, this guy does not just stop on one car experiment, instead, he does several of them and they all are crazy.

Most Ridiculous Car Experiment Ever 1

First things first, he put together a wheel that was made entirely out of brass and he glued several sneakers at the end, thus forming a fully functional wheel. He mounted it in place on his car, and surprising enough, the car was actually able to move without a problem.

Furthermore, he took couple of the squeaking chicken toys and fixed them in place at the tip of his exhaust, thus causing them to create loud sound whenever he pushed the gas pedal. Another crazy car experiment that he did was taking hundreds and hundreds of rubber band and using them as the tire of the wheel.

Yes, even though how crazy it might sound, the car was able to move just like usual and there was nothing wrong with it. If you want to see more and see each and every of these car experiments looked like, make sure to check out the full video!

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