4 Ways You Can Creatively Incorporate LEDs Into Truck Lighting 1

LEDs produce more light for less energy. Additionally, they can be programmed to change color, and controlled from your smartphone owing to IoT tech. If you’re running a business out of your vehicle, LED lighting can really enhance your visibility, paying for itself in expanded revenue. Beyond that, there’s a lot of fun to be had in tricking out your ride with some crazy lights. Whether you’re cruising in a pickup or a taco truck, a little LED action has a lot to offer. This writing is all about that, we’ll briefly explore four ways to use LED lighting with a creative edge. If you can do it, and truly put your own spin on your ride cost-effectively, why not?

1. Make Your Headlights Color Kaleidoscopes
So recently LED lightbulbs hit the market that are Internet of Things (IoT) enabled. Depending on location, you may be able to just pick some up at the local auto parts store. If not there, you can order them, or rig them yourself. Headlight LEDs with IoT functionality allow you to run your finger over a color wheel from your smartphone and change lighting color.

Ultimately, you can get your headlights whatever shade you like. The only downside is this: different software apps will have different provisos pertaining to operation. That said, there’s quite a lot you could do with multicolored headlights. Just as a point of reference, check out this video.


2. Trick Out Your Tires
LEDs look great in tires, and you’ve got all kinds of options. Keep your eye out for an IoT enabled set of tire lights that let you change them just like the headlights explored earlier. Essentially, you simply attach the LEDs to your tires, and as you drive, they flash a fine display. On a big truck, either commercial or personal, there could be some exceptional contrast.

3. Jazz Up Your Food Truck
LED strips can be used to make a taco truck visible all down Venice Boulevard in Hollywood; and even if you’re not part of that SoCal fleet, a well-lit truck can do much to bring in the passerby. Additionally, finding LED options is at a point quite affordable. You can order your food truck LED lighting today at the Boogey Lights, where there’s quite a big selection.


4. License Plate Pizazz
Your license plate can be top-lit a number of ways. As with wheel lights, a broad variety of options exist. You might even set the license plate light to slowly cycle through a rainbow of colors. See, LEDs make it possible for you to get any colored light you want out of the same basic apparatus, and that means wherever you can plug in LEDs, these possibilities exist.

Endless LED Possibilities
Something else that recommends LED lighting is the longevity and efficiency of the lights themselves. Firstly, you’re not going to go through LED lighting as quickly as you would traditional filament bulbs, or even gas lighting. Secondly, this reduces waste, which is considered more gentle on the environment. Finally, you can get endless color.

So play around and be imaginative. You might put controlled LED lights in your headlamps such that you’ve got a crazy light show as you go down the road. You might just upgrade to LED lights as a means of getting brighter lights in a way that doesn’t strain your battery, and saves money.

Additionally, wheel lights, license plate illumination, and strip LED lighting can make your truck a wandering piece of art. The creative potential available through LED options is ultimately endless.