This is What You Should Do About a Cracked Windshield 2

It’s just one of those annoying things in life – you’re driving down the interstate, jamming out to tunes, and a passing car throws a rock into your windshield. The steps you take depend on the extent of the damage. Whether it’s a scenario like this that results in a small chip or a larger accident that results in a windshield crack, we’ve got your guide to what to do about your cracked windshield!

This is What You Should Do About a Cracked Windshield 1

Why a Cracked Windshield Needs to Be Fixed

Even if it’s only a small crack, it’s important to take care of windshield damage for multiple reasons.

Even a small crack can impair your field of view while driving, and that in itself is an issue. But the larger issue is what could happen if you are in an accident with an already cracked windshield.

Windshields are rated to hold specific amounts of weight in rollover accidents, transfer force in a front-end collision to the chassis, and not shatter on impact. Cracks in the windshield reduce the overall integrity, meaning if you’re in a wreck you have a higher chance of a roof collapse, injuries in a front-end collision, and being ejected through the windshield.

Temporary Fixes

Windshield cracks, even small ones, should be replaced as soon as possible. Your insurance will likely cover it because auto insurance companies recognize the safety importance they hold. 

However, if you can’t get your car fixed right away, you might be able to apply a temporary fix to hold it until you can get it in.

Superglue or clear nail polish will help keep dirt and water, which could make it bigger, out of the crack. Simply clean the area and then apply a few swipes.

Heat and cold can also cause cracks to grow larger, so protect the windshield from extreme temperature changes by parking it in a garage or putting a screen over the windshield while it’s parked.

Finally, you can buy a small windshield repair kit. It won’t hold up like the repairs made by a pro, but it could buy you some time until you can get a proper repair.

Choosing to Repair or Replace a Cracked Windshield

You’ll need to decide if you can simply get a windshield repair for the crack or if you’ll have to do a full replacement. The amount of vision impairment, size, and the number of cracks should all play a part in this decision.

A full replacement means you’re repairing the entire structural integrity of the windshield. If you have multiple cracks, a large crack, or a crack directly in your line of sight, you should get a total replacement. Generally, if your crack is longer than a dollar bill, you’ll need a replacement.

Auto glass repair is cheaper because your existing windshield stays put. The repair shop will simply treat the crack so that it won’t spread. This treatment also helps hide the crack. When done by a professional, a windshield repair will effectively repair the glass and is considered a permanent and safe solution.

Get Your Windshield Repaired!

Now you know how to go about getting your cracked windshield repaired!

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