Meet The Tailgater Hater - Road Rage Device 1

There are many commercially available products that you can purchase online or at your local shop that can be installed in your car. These awesome gadgets usually serve the simple task of making your car that much better, or perform something that you were not able to previously do. It takes just some time to mount them and they are amazing. However, people often create things on their own and quite often they work flawlessly. This is exactly why we take a look at the tailgater hater, the only gadget that you will ever need to get away from annoying drivers.

Meet The Tailgater Hater - Road Rage Device 2

Have you ever been in a situation when despite driving nice and safe out there on the road, someone gets too close to you but there is nothing that you can do? Of course you have and the tailgater hater is the perfect solution to this problem.

These guys managed to put together a mechanism that looks and works on a simple principle, but it very effective. Namely, just under the rear end of the vehicle you are going to find a small nozzle that is activated by a simple push of a button inside the car.

Once pushed, through the nozzle a dirty liquid is sprayed directly on the driver’s car behind you. They will no longer drive anywhere near you, all thanks to this cool yet simple tailgater hater.

You might consider installing one on your one; it is simple to make and it is definitely inexpensive!