Never Seen This Extreme Road Rage This Guys Destroys Parking Barrier 1

If you have ever had the urge and the need to simply waste all of the rage that has been building up in you, there are many, many different ways that you could do it. You could possibly hit the gym or go on the shooting range; however, this guy had something else in mind. Yes, we must admit, every driver has a tough moment where everything goes on his nerves, but this Range Rover driver took things to the next level. We might just witness what could possibly be the most extreme road rage ever.

Never Seen This Extreme Road Rage This Guys Destroys Parking Barrier 2

The video was taken from a surveillance camera and it captured exactly the moment where things began to get out of control. Namely, a black Range Rover parked right in front of a ramp, and seconds later the driver got out of the vehicle.

Presumably, due to the fact that the ramp did not open, he began hitting everything around him. After absolutely wrecking couple of objects there, the ramp somehow managed to open.

Even though it did so, this extreme road rage did not stop here. The man went on fully destroying the ramp even though there was no need for it. Soon after he got back inside his Range Rover and drove away.

Yet again, he returned to the same place soon after and began a verbal fight with the car that was standing behind him. Even though we do not know what happened next, we are pretty sure that this guy was visited by the police!