10 Luxury Chinese Copy Cars 1

If have been following the car market for quite a while now, then you must already know that there is a huge number of cars to choose from. Even the pickiest of potential buyer can come across something that they are going to love at first sight. This is because there are a massive number of cars produced each year and the number just keeps on growing and growing. However, some super cars are really expensive and not many can afford them and this is where these 10 Chinese copy cars are introduced.

10 Luxury Chinese Copy Cars 2

Yes, we are going to be taking a look at some of the most amazing, some of the most unbelievable Chinese copy cars, which at the end of the day, look somewhat similar to the original models.

Some of the cars you see here have been absolutely clones, with the only difference being the logo and the name of the car itself. We are at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017 where some of the most luxurious cars are taking part.

But then there are the Chinese copy cars which might fool you for a second. Have you ever heard about the Eagle car? We are pretty sure that you have not but this car was unveiled at the show and it looks exactly like a Ferrari and Porsche.

You are also going to find clones of a Range Rover, BMW, Bentley and even a Hummer. Yes, you can get these awesome machines for just fraction of the price!

At last, these are the things China copied from the world!