Remove Tree Stumps Fun 1

A tree was felled and the wood removed. However, the rest of the tree still sits there, rooted in the soil. What you need is an efficient tree stumps removal strategy. In this video, you can see one very easy and fun way to remove tree stumps. YouTuber Marsh Rat teaches us how to do this in a series consisted of 3 parts. Unfortunately, this is not the quickest way to do this, but it’s very fun and entertaining.

Remove Tree Stumps Fun 2

If you want the quick way, then hire a stump grinder. However, bear in mind that this is pretty expensive and will probably cost you several hundred dollars. This on the other hand, will cost you some time instead of money.

First, he marks each quadrant and then for each quadrant he drills several holes. You should drill as deep as you can go. Try to space your holes out in the process, around 4 or 6 inches apart. The next step is to fill each hole with vegetable oil.

You can also use motor oil but Marsh Rat doesn’t recommend it because you are about to eventually burn the tree stump. As you can imagine, motor oil is not really friendly for the environment.

After filling each hole with vegetable oil, you should let it soak for a while, probably a month or so. Up next, after the vegetable oil is nicely soaked in each hole, comes the burning part. Just watch the three-part series on how to remove tree stumps for a more thorough explanation.

Finally, check out what a tree stump can do to you!