Brand New Car Clearance System Futuristic 1

The progress of the technology is a never ending process that never seems to stop, especially in this past year. We have seen some absolutely amazing discoveries over the course of this recent couple of years, and this time we take a look at yet another one. It is something that we have not seen so far and something that might be the future towards a better society, society that every country is going to be proud of. Namely, we take a look at this brand new car clearance system that was first introduced in Singapore.

Brand New Car Clearance System Futuristic Robot Arm 2

It is going to help many police officers worldwide. So what is the whole system actually about and what its function is? Well, this brand new car clearance system is going to be implemented on checkpoints by the next year at Tuas and Woodlands.

There are many robotic arms, facial detection and biometric scanners that are going to all work together and make the job the police officers much easier and much better. It is going to provide much tighter security, thus freeing up the police officers from their duties, meaning that the officers can be used for other more crucial uses.

The full name of the system actually is the Automated Passenger In-Car Clearance System, or simply APICS, and it just might present the future and the very best of the advanced technology that we have these days. What do you think about this, are people going to accept its use?

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