New Renault Doors Tested 1

Coming across a funky and unusual video, or a video where you learn something new is something fairly common these days. This is enabled by the fact that there are many people who simply take out their phones and capture the moment, which will eventually be shared on social media. This time we take a look at something that you do not see every day i.e. we take a look at the way that new Renault doors are tested inside the production line. Somehow, this video surfaced the internet and it went viral immediately.

New Renault Doors Tested 2

Namely, we take a look at a worker who inspects many cars on the production line and checks for how well the doors work. If there is something wrong with them, according to the requirements, he managed to fix it in just couple of seconds.

He opens and shuts the new Renault doors for couple of times just to make sure that everything is all right. He even checks the small gap when the doors are closed, which should all be the same i.e. without big difference.

Furthermore, he inspects the doors with slight hits with a hammer. There is couple of crucial spots that he checks just to make sure that everything is all right.

Furthermore, he slams the doors shut with a slight hit from the bottom side, which concludes that they have indeed passed the test and are ready for sale. It is that easy and precise to test new Renault doors at the factory!

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