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Did you know that Van life has boomed in popularity in the last few years? Due to COVID-19, more people than ever are choosing to travel in their converted vans, and they are sharing what they are finding along the way on YouTube. That amounts to a huge pool of tips, advice, and products to pick from. It all comes down to what you need in your van, regardless of the setup. You might be surprised by what you do need and what you don’t. Let’s dive into van life accessories you would need.

1. A Comfortable Bed

First, make sure you have a good mattress. There are a variety of mattresses available specifically for van life. Find one that is comfortable for you and that will fit in your van.

Second, invest in some good bedding. This includes sheets, blankets, and pillows. 

Lastly, create a cozy space. This may include hanging curtains, adding lights, and using comfy pillows and blankets. By making your bed area cozy, you’ll be more likely to want to spend time in it and get a good night’s sleep.

2. A Reliable Cook Stove

Whether you’re cooking simple meals or gourmet feasts, having a quality cookstove is a must. Choose one that is easy to operate and clean, and has enough burners to accommodate your needs.

Propane is also a great way to cook and heat your van, and it can also be used for powering some appliances.

3. A Storage System

One storage system that you can use is to install shelves on your van’s walls, which will give you a place to store items such as cameras, batteries, clothes, books, and other belongings. You can also use bins and baskets to store items under your bed or in other areas of your van.

Another storage system that you can use is to purchase a storage unit that fits in your van. This can be used to store larger items such as furniture or appliances. 

4. Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the most popular and efficient ways to power a van. They offer a clean and renewable source of energy and can be used to power all of your electrical needs while on the road.

Many choose to install solar panels on their rigs, allowing them to live completely off-grid and reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

5. Where to Buy Van Life Accessories?

There are many places to buy van life accessories, but some of the best places are online retailers or specialty stores.

Online retailers like Amazon or Overland Equipped carry a wide variety of products for van life, while specialty stores like visit focus specifically on outfitting vans for camping and off-road adventures.

Van Life Is a Great Way to Travel and See the World

Having the right van life accessories for your van can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your van’s life experience. Research for the most affordable van out in the market and buy the best van in line with your needs and budget.

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