Car Keys and Lock Systems 2

Gone are the days when you could easily replace your car keys simply by calling the nearest locksmith in your area. However, car keys and lock systems have become more complex through the years. As a result, it is now challenging to find a locksmith service to accommodate your needs. The wide range of car keys and locks has significantly expanded, which means you may need a specialist if you want your car keys repaired or replaced. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the specific car key type you own to know which locksmith to seek help from.

Car keys vary based on different factors, including system complexity, the level of security provided, and price. As a result, the cost of car key replacement and repair will differ from one car to the next. In addition, the latest vehicle makes and models are equipped with sophisticated car keys and lock systems that are more costly to replace than older models.

Old fashion car keys

Old cars are mainly outfitted with a basic car key. Although simple to repair or replace, standard car keys provide little security compared to vehicles with more sophisticated car keys and lock systems in place. It is recommended to install a modern vehicle security alarm system to deter theft and vandalism and reinforce the safety and security of your vehicle.

Car keys with remote control

Car keys with remote control features are powered by batteries. They feature a radio transmitter or an infrared signal with a button to disable the alarm. The most common issue with this type of car key is that vehicle owners deal with unlocking issues due to strong radio signal or interference issues within the device itself.

Electronic transponder keys

In the early 90s, car manufacturers began producing sophisticated car keys and lock systems to fight burglary and vandalism. Electronic transponder chips were built into car keys that send signals directly to your car’s computer system. While your car manual can guide you to reprogram a similar transponder key from the same manufacturer, it is recommended to leave the job to an experienced locksmith to avoid problems and save time.

Cars with rolling codes

The rolling codes are an added feature of more modern transponder keys. Rolling codes create unique codes each time you lock or unlock your vehicle. This car key type offers a greater level of protection for your car. The only drawback is that transponder keys with rolling codes are costly to repair or replace. 

Smart keys

Mercedes-Benz, for example, introduced the smart key technology that allows vehicle owners to unlock the car and adjust various features such as the radio, seats, and more. In some vehicle makes and models, smart keys lock themselves automatically when the owner walks away. However, due to the intricate and complex system of smart keys, they are more expensive to replace and repair.


Knowing the type of car keys you own will help you determine the kind of help you require if they go missing, stolen, or damaged.