Japanese Tuning Company Liberty Walk Creates Widebody Lamborghini Miura 1

This is not the first time that “Liberty Walk”, Japanese Tuning Company creates a weird widebody creation of a certain car model. They often choose famous and wacky models. For the time being, they have created widebody versions of many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and everything that comes in that category. However, they usually went around classic car models, until now. This time, they unveiled their Widebody Lamborghini Miura at Tokyo Auto Salon!

Japanese Tuning Company Liberty Walk Creates Widebody Lamborghini Miura 2

However, even though this car looks like a Lambo Miura (widebody), actually, it is based on the chassis of a Ford GT40. Again, even the Ford GT40 car is a replica. So, basically, we have an Italian replica being the Widebody Lamborghini Miura, based on an American one, but was however, created in Japan!

This might sound crazy, but the results are IMPRESSIVE. Anyway, just like a real Miura, this Lamborghini Miura replica is low and comes very little in height. On the other hand, this one sits on huge wheels along with very low suspension.

Many agree that the best looking part of the widebody Lambo Miura is the rear. Not that the front is not impressive, but the rear window is covered in slim louvers! Moreover, we have a ducktail spoiler that has been fitted to the rear.

Anyway, it is a good thing that Liberty Walk reconstructed a Ford GT instead of a real Miura, since only 764 of them were ever produced. Of course, who would have the guts to actually play and change a real Miura?!

Finally, we’ve got more Miura for you on this link!