Tug Of War Ford vs Chevy 1

Coming across an interesting video on the internet these days is something fairly common hence people post just about anything on daily basis. However, there are some videos in which people take a step forward, thus making situations that look absolutely unreal. We are all familiar with the term tug of war, but we are not used to seeing two trucks taking the term to a whole new level. Namely, in this short video we are going to take a look at this intense Ford vs. Chevy tug of war that looks utterly stunning.

Tug Of War Ford vs Chevy 2

But first, what do the numbers have to say about the truck? Well, the 1994 Ford F-350 has a stock 460 big block engine, whereas the Chevy has a built 454. Even though it might seem like it is going to be a tough competition, even at the start the Ford managed to absolutely put the Chevy to shame.

Despite managing to hold on for just a second or so, the Chevy soon faced the reality and lost to the Ford F-350. However, it was after the Ford vs. Chevy tug of war that things got a bit out of control.

Instead of stopping right away, the Ford driver continued to drive and even at the end of the parking lot made a turn to the right. At the same time it created a huge cloud of smoke that was coming off from its tires.

What do you think, should have the Ford driver stopped the truck way before?