5 Ways To Save Money On Your Car In 2020 1

Every January, thousands upon thousands of people make resolutions to start a hearty savings account throughout the year. However, setting aside cash is often easier said than done, and if 2019 has done anything, it’s shown that good intentions with money don’t always lead to the desired results. If you’re one of those that slipped up on your money-saving resolutions this year, don’t fret – 2020 is a new year and a new opportunity to save money, specifically when it comes to caring for you vehicle over the coming months.

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Car In 2020 2

Change Your Own Oil

Knowing how to change oil by yourself is one of the biggest ways to save money in regards to car maintenance. It’s typically a simple process and involves just a handful of tools that you can pick up at the best auto parts store in town.

You can find step-by-step sources online, as well as recommendations on the frequency of changes inside your owner’s manual. Performing this simple task yourself could save you up to $100 annually.

Clean Your Air Filters

Changing air filters is another task you can handle on your own that could save you a whopping $130 every year. Your air filter should be checked and/or changed monthly in order to prevent a reduction in engine efficiency that would otherwise cost you a pretty penny in wasted gas.

Recommendations on when to replace your filter can be found in your owner’s manual, alongside info regarding how often to change oil.

Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure

Another issue with the power to drive your fuel efficiency (and your budget) into the ground is low tire pressure. Your engine has to work harder to move your vehicle forward on underinflated tires, which is a huge drain on gasoline.

Furthermore, keeping your tires inflated reduces the likelihood of experiencing flats or other car-stopping issues on the road. Check your tires monthly and restore proper inflation levels to save yourself up to $250 annually.

Check and Cap Off Your Fluids

From wiper fluid to antifreeze, every fluid in your car works to keep things running smoothly and reliably. These same fluids are normally topped off when you head in for an oil change so you rarely have to worry about them.

However, by choosing to top off your own, you could save a huge chunk of cash – not to mention the hundreds of dollars you save by avoiding worn or broken parts if fluids happen to run low.

Balance and Rotate Tires

While this may not be something you’re prepared to do on your own, it’s nevertheless a piece of maintenance that could save you big bucks over the year.

Balancing and rotating your tires prevents them from becoming too worn in any one place, reducing the likelihood of flats and wheel damage and therefore helping you avoid the need to purchase expensive replacements.

By taking these key parts of car maintenance into your own hands, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. Use that money for a vacation, for new car upgrades, for a rainy day fund – whatever you’d like.

Head to your nearest auto parts store to get all the tools and equipment you need and start saving in 2020.