Here Is Why You Dont Need CarExhaust Back Pressure 1

There are many videos that teach you everything you need to know about cars such as the way they work, how to maintain them and what can you do to make them better. One YouTube channel that specifically works on these questions surely is Engineering Explained. Hereby, the host takes us through some of the details that you need to know about the exhaust back pressure and why it is bad for your car. Moreover, we also see why the exhaust velocity and scavenging are in fact good for your ride.

Here Is Why You Dont Need CarExhaust Back Pressure 11

There is a nice illustration on the white board which gives you the basic concept and the basic idea behind everything. They are perfectly illustrated just so you could easily understand everything as he takes us through every element. First of all we take a look at the detailed explanation of why the exhaust back pressure is bad for your car.

The pressure that is created inside the chamber is in fact 6-7 times more atmospheric. When it comes to back pressure, we usually refer to the pressure that flows in the opposite direction of the flow.

Whenever that high atmospheric pressure inside the chamber should leave when the valve is opened, it is in fact restricted by the exhaust back pressure. This is why the difference in the pressure between the outside and in the chamber is really different.

Further on in the video we also see the details about the velocity and scavenging!